Fashionable Floral Outfits for Summer

By: Samar Yahya

Summer style reflects bright colours and comfy cuts. Some prints are ubiquitous with summer style such as floral.

The floral pattern adds flair of easy relaxing look and is great with many other outfits.

With the high heat and humidity almost everywhere, fashion designers’ ongoing advice is to always wear cotton and linen especially in the morning. Some other fabrics would be sheer and translucent fabrics, lilac palettes, and ruffles.

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Floral patterns are pleasant looks when worn and styled to fit other outfits. Many women might feel they are missing the summer style without their perfect floral outfit.

Bell Sleeves

Floral bell sleeves blouse or dress brings fun to your summer costume, especially in light and flowy dress for a casual style. It is a perfect pick for an evening outing with family.

Fit and Flare

It is versatile and feminine, and work with any body type. This cut is perfect for summer when paired with a fun floral print.

Wrap Dress

The wrap dress style is back from the 80’s, it gives a more relaxed and comfy feel. Wrap dresses match all kinds of fabrics

and cuts. This style works for any body shape, you just have to choose the right cut and fabric – whether structured or light.

Long Sleeves

Floral long sleeve dress is perfect at work and also for the evenings depending on the fabric. Always choose the pattern and colour that suits the time of the day and the occasion.


One of summer’s must-have dress or skirt, maxi is perfect for a lively look. Choose bright colours for the summer days on the beach and pastel print for a delicate look. You can pair a dress or skirt with sandals and cross-body bag

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