Combined Colourful Eyeshadows for a Dazzling Summer Look

By: Samar Yahya

Makeup looks vary from one season to another. While the winter is known for its warmer and darker colours, the summer makeup is always brighter and colourful.

While eyeshadow is basic in makeup, we see colours like pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue as common colours.

What is new is to combine these colours together to make colourful eyeshadow for a bright summer look.

How to Apply 

Combined Eyeshadow:

– First use a primer that is specifically made to be underneath eyeshadow. Dab the primer on your lids where you will be applying the eyeshadow to create an even base and to ensure the shadows do not fade too quickly

– You can also add a white primer or white eyeshadow to make the combined eyeshadow pop even more when it is applied.

– Begin with the inner corners of your eyes. A bright pink eyeshadow is a good option for the first colour and make sure the next colour can fade into it using a highlight brush.

– Apply the next colour to the center of your eyelid, add an orange eye shadow right next to the pink and to the center of your eyelid. Blend the two shades together with a blending brush.

– Move on to the outer edges of your eyelids, apply a yellow eyeshadow, begin where the orange has begun to fade. Blend the yellow slightly further along to the outer edges of your eyelid.

– For the green and blue, apply the eyeshadow with a pencil brush. Apply the green eyeshadow near your bottom eyelashes and fade the colour a little further.

– Apply a strip of blue eyeshadow, slightly onto the green and fade it to the inner corner of your lower eyelid to meet with the pink eyeshadow you started with in the corner of your eye

– To complete your look, use your application brush to neatly blend together the outer edges of the colours that are next to each other. You can finish up with a touch of black eyeliner.

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