Light Colours and Casual Trends for Men This Summer

By: Samar Yahya

Easy and casual outfits mostly characterize this summer’s fashion for men. This season men’s look is linked to comfort including casual jackets and suits, cotton and linen shirts, polos and slim trousers.

Casual Jackets and Suits

Despite the high temperature, men would still need the jacket or even suit for some formal meetings or events. Keep the smart casual look and go for a light jacket for business meetings. Preferred colours range between beige, khaki and blue hues.


Cotton and light shirts are prevailing. For a semi casual comfortable look. Designers always keep in mind the heat and advise to choose short or long sleeves plain light colours and fabrics.


The best about polos that they fit with everything you wear; on the beach with shorts or at friends’ gatherings, in the morning at work and casual business meetings and with smart casual jacket for a formal business meetings.


T-shirts are always there in every man’s wardrobe and vary from plain, to striped or graphic ones that are the best for morning outings and afternoons. Colours and hues may range to versatile the occasion.


To complete your trendy, casual and smart casual look, designers suggest the slim pants with light colours. But, you can still go for khaki, light blue and olive.


Men have lots of options for their footwear. The famous vans especially white continue from many seasons and go with almost everything, the sneakers are there as usual, black and white sneakers match with all your outfits

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