Best Gel Nail Designs

By: Samar Yahya

Makeup is not only taking care of your skin, but your nails as well. Pedicure and manicure are essential to your beauty. Every season beauty experts show various nail polish colours and designs.

Gel nail polish is very soft and characterized by many and different colours, and lasts for about two weeks. We chose several designs that you can try during the Eid.

Bold Orange

Bright orange gel nails are for those who like bold nails look. One nail is just orange, two nails are orange with crystals and the last two are glittery. You can also try just the orange nails with different shades; they are perfect for the summer.

Lace and Red Gel

A lace look features a red matte nail, red and glitter design, with black glitter nail and black lace nail art giving you a gorgeous look to feel glam. For the lace design, use nail stickers.


There are many different designs that you can create to make floral nails. Make a super stylish floral design and colour your nail with beautiful light pink, one nail with a glam, gold zigzag pattern and one nail with a pretty floral design. Create zigzags with nail tape and use flower stickers to recreate the look you love.

French Ombre and Glitter

French ombre is a chic and stylish look that uses the classic French manicure colours but with the ombre technique, it creates subtle and elegant nail art. Create an ombre look with a sponge and for the glitter nails just use a glitter polish.

Matte Grey

The matte grey nails are perfect for a wedding or for the Eid time. Use beautiful grey shade with accent designs. Create one nail with sparkling crystals and two with elegant white design.

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