9 Bathroom Storage Ideas

By: Samar Yahya

Storage is an art that everyone should recognize to live in a house free of clutter. Every room at home should have a space for storage and you can merge this space to be a decorative and usable space.

Bathroom is one of the rooms that require spaces for storage for essentials that we all need. Today we will give you bathroom storage ideas to choose what would fit for your bathroom space and style.

Plate Rack

Plate racks are a charming tool to keep bathroom essentials like dry brushes and loofah to be ready during bath time.


Woven baskets in a variety of shapes and sizes would add texture to a space to keep bathroom towels, nonessential toiletries, and some times clothes that need washing.


Hooks provide storage space for washcloths, brushes, and a tiny bucket for toothbrush and toothpaste.

Tiny Pedestal-Shelf

The tiny pedestal-shelf storage is the perfect choice for precious potions, skincare products and creams.

Bathtub Shelving

The bathtub shelving fit for a small bathroom, just fix them in the right place, and to make everything you need handy during taking shower.

Antique Dresser

Some might think that antiques are too fancy for the bathroom. However, if your home décor style tends to be somehow classic, an elegant antique dresser makes for a sophisticated vanity and providing bathroom storage, too.

Built-In Cabinets

One of the common yet favourable bathroom storage ideas, especially in tiny bathrooms is the built-in cabinet. You can create these cabinets in a way to store as many items as you need and it will make your bathroom look clear, clean and tidy.

Ladder Towel Rack

For a vintage bathroom look, in a small bathroom you can use a vintage ladder as it does not take up much space, and is a super way to keep guest each one’s towel handy.


Add the right-size dresser or nightstand to the bathroom and it would be a great way to maximize storage without cramping anyone’s style in a small space.

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