Elegant Ramadan Accessories for Every Woman

By: Samar Yahya

The Holy month of Ramadan has its special spiritual atmosphere where families, relatives and friends’ gatherings are there everyday on Iftar or Suhour.

Women are keen to be fashionable with special accessories during these gatherings. Every year prior to Ramadan, known brands compete to come up with special accessories derived from our oriental heritage which women love to wear during Ramadan to match their special costume for an intimate appearance in Ramadan.

You can update your look with novel pieces of accessories that give modern yet traditional look. Here are some suggested accessories for renovated look in Ramadan.

Chains with Oriental Theme

If you want unconventional chain to match the Ramadan atmosphere, you can choose pieces designed specifically for the Ramadan look, which include touches of fine fabrics, precious stones or gems and copper decorated with words such as Ramadan or with thin strings that adorn the stars or the crescent of Ramadan.

Distinctive Earrings

Earrings are based on bright colors, decorated with Ramadan crescent, or a star reflecting the atmosphere of the holy month.


Copper rings are top rings for Ramadan accessories for almost every woman and college girls this year. Some of the copper rings are designed with some words related to Ramadan.


We have seen bags made with special colourful fabrics and decorated with stones in special designs tailored to be used in various events for a distinctive style in Ramadan.

Ramadan Lantern (Fanous)

Accessories designers are inspired by the folklore of fanous Ramadan and we have seen gold jewellery and golden accessories of earrings, rings and chains, with fanous designs in a non-traditional step, suitable for Ramadan.

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