Stylish Kaftan and Jalabiya this Ramadan

By: Samar Yahya

The Holy month of Ramadan has begun; with its spirituality and social gatherings. It is the time for family and social gatherings during Iftar and Suhur.

Also, Ramadan is a time for fashion while meeting family and friends, you have to be always in style.

To feel comfortable, most women prefer to wear Kaftan and Jalabiya. Every year we see chic styles of Kaftan to fit for every woman style. They give women a charming look, no matter what her style is. kaftan dresses elevate the style to a very trendy way.

This year we can see many brands from around the world have released new 2019 Ramadan collections that suit all women and occasions. All Ramadan collections are sophisticated and modest designs for special gatherings especially in the evening.

Match Kaftan with Your Style

What is great about kaftan dresses is that you can match them with many accessories. For a fancy Ramadan style, you can pair your favourite kaftan dress with a pair of heels and a clutch while for an outdoor gathering with friends.

You can also wear traditional heritage accessories, earrings and necklace to add more glamour to your evening reception.

Today, we brought many options to choose from

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