Update Your Bedroom with Green Colour

By: Samar Yahya

Green colour is one of the favoured colours in living room, but when it comes to bedroom it is a bold colour. You can use different shades, whether it is lime, forest, emerald or pastel.

Today we have ideas to show you exactly how you can make the green colours work in your bedroom.

Subtle Flowers

Use light coloured neutral walls, with beautiful dark green pillow prints, and a pale green bedspread to add a pop of color to the room.

Emerald Green and Black

Green and black are a favourite colour combination. You can use very deep green, an emerald hue, with a black headboard and black with green print curtains.

Minty Fresh

The mint green bedroom ideas is perfect for a teenage girl’s room. Mint is a light colour, making it easier for natural light to reflect off of the walls and use white to break up the green.

Navy Blue and Green

This is a rather unique colour combination and not one that you see very often. You can have a green ceiling and green accent along the

walls. The navy blue trims along the bottom of the wall and bedspread to match the combined colours.

Olive and Brown

The entire room can be encased with olive colour, with the exception of the brown furniture, especially bed with the large headboard that matches the colour theme.

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