Summer Bags for a Fashionable Look

By: Samar Yahya

This summer, we can see many styles of fashionable handbag trends. The new trends vary from straw to plastic and colourful and wooden beads.

Straw and Circular

Straw and circular handbags with the lightweight and natural material make the perfect addition to your summer accessory collection.


Plastic Bag


Perfect for summer these transparent bags are cool but super practical.

Colourful and Wooden Beads

Wooden beads are not only for jewelry, but the beautiful bags with beads are to be paired with jean or a casual dress. Also, transparent plastic beads reflect the sun for an eye-catching bag.


Netted bags are one of the super ones for the mornings and on the beach they also look cute especially with the bamboo handles.

Bright Embroidery

Colorful bold embroidery bags look even more cheery with a stitched floral pattern, they also combine geometric and floral patterns with the same style.

Bucket Bags

Strappy styles and crossbodys, with a literal bucket-shaped bag. Pair it with denim dress and sandals.

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