Silwan Hafez: « Gonilla» for modern Saudi women

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Translation: Samar Yahya

Silwan Hafez began her Jalabiya marketing project in 2004, and then entered the world of design by project «Gonilla», offering unique pieces with distinctive colours.

For this Ramadan Hafez says that she has adopted satin, jacquard and taffeta as the suitable fabrics for evening dresses and would be used for special occasions such as henna night, Ramadan nights, Eid night with some accessories to match design and quality of cloth.

She adds that the cotton and linen fit daily use, and every year a new design or idea is added to the designs; that is why these designs are distinguished.

To Hafez, this year has a special collection for Qirqian, in addition to the special collection for Ramadan and Eid, and a different collection for the hijab, where she originally began her designs then developed into the unique Jalabiya as the first Saudi designer specialized in modern hijab the designs to keep pace with current time.

On the collection colours, Hafez concludes that the colours are white, yellow, blue, green, and fuchsia suitable for summer, as well as hues of cold and bright colours that satisfy everyone.

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