Rana Riri “Deep Ocean” Collection Shown on Jeddah Beach

Rana Riri
Translation: Samar Yahya

Saudi designer Rana Riri launched her new collection “Deep Ocean” in a fashion show on Jeddah beach.

Brought up and influenced by Jeddah ambiance, Riri was inspired by sea and fish colours reflecting on the collection, at a stunning and enchanting atmosphere show set before the sunset, to harmonize with the colours of the collection.

Using fabrics, handcrafts, crystals, beads, pearls and seashells, colours and prints each piece of the “Deep Ocean” collection was meticulously designed.

Patterns and designs were attractive, feminine with smooth flow similar to the flow of fish.

Design and colour techniques highlighted the beauty and elegance of women with soft silky fabrics like chiffon, crepe with French jersey and taffeta painted with fish and jellyfish colours.

To Riri, the innovative designs and fabrics adapt with future years, featuring the collection limitlessness to certain age, season or year.

Designed in a distinctive and unique way, the collection was designed in 2016 and launched in 2019, to apt all skin colours, giving women acme elegance at evening events and weddings.

Combining heritage designs and keeping up with the latest international fashion trends, Saudi fashion designer Rana Riri is renowned for setting characteristic standards for Saudi stylishness.

Riri participated in various fashion shows in Saudi Arabia and abroad.

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