Makeup Tricks to Help You Look Less Tired

By: Samar Yahya

Women and girls wish to have a fresh look every morning. First we all know that nothing makes you look fresh-faced like sleeping eight hours every night.

However, at some days we work extra hours, stay awake late and do not have eight hours of sleep and wake up with tired face.

Here are some tips of for a bright face despite the tiring days:

* Start with moisturizing your face. Use a well-known brand moisturizer all over your face.

* Create more light on your face and brush a creamy highlighter on the high points of your face (the tops of your cheekbones, down your nose).

* Cover your undereye bags. Use an eye cream or gel to smooth out the skin texture and battle puffiness.

* Hide the dark circles using concealer with two shades lighter than your skin tone and apply this in a triangular shape under your eyes.

* To avoid looking pale, use eyeshadows with nearly pastel shades like powdery pink on fair skin tones, and coral on olive and deep tones.

* Use waterproof eyeliner for more defined eyes; try to fill gaps between your lashes.

* Lastly, coat lips in a natural looking lip-gloss or lipstick, pink beige shade is always perfect colour.

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