Velvet Decorates Homes in 2019

By: Samar Yahya

From time to time, we need to change our home décor. Sometimes the change would be easy and simple, however it would be impactful.

One of these changes to furniture is using velvet, which is seen in multiple designs in 2019.

Velvet is one of the trends that give an innovative look to the entire interior design and has been gaining a lot of attention in 2019 Trends.

Using Velvet at Home Furniture


Years ago velvet was seen at home furniture and here it is back. Once you decide to go with velvet, sofa is one of the basics.

It would be one sofa in the living room with colour that matches the rest of the room décor.


Velvet chairs can be in all shapes and sizes and they are flexible to be used in almost any room of the home. The cozy armchair would fit perfectly in the living room, while velvet-dining chairs are the most comfortable style in dining rooms.

Velvet Beds and Headboards

Nothing looks quite luxurious than the velvet bed linen. Nevertheless, the velvet headboard is the warmest look that one can have in a bedroom.

Velvet Lighting

The velvet lampshades trend in 2019 especially with the old style of fringing, would combine the contemporary with the classic trend.

Bold colours like vivid pink or emerald green come on top of all coulours.

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