Simple Skincare Steps for Men

By: Samar Yahya

Despite the busy life that we all live, we still have to take care of our health and our skin. Men also need to follow a routine for their skincare similar to women.

Simple steps of men’s

skincare routine

Cleanser: Wash your face twice daily with a light cleanser to remove the dirt and excess oil that have settled inside your pores. This will prevent blocked pores, breakouts, and will minimize shine.

Moisturizer: Once you have cleansed your skin, it is time to hydrate and protect your face. Apply moisturizer in the morning and before going to bed, which will help soothing vitamins, and nutrients to the skin.

Scrub: Using a natural scrub depending on your skin type. It helps remove dead skin cells and any deep down impurities within the pores. It is best to scrub the face after washing it, then wash it again with cool water.

Mask: Applying a mask once a week, helps make the skin smooth and well moisturized. Natural masks are always favoured but use the mask the suits your skin type.

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