Women’s Chic Suits for Business

By: Samar Yahya

Though most of us now prefer the casual attire, however at work the classic and formal costume is always desired.

The women business suits remain one of the top options for a workingwoman and even if you prefer to dress more casual in the office, a business suit can fit for meetings and job interviews. A simple, chic suit often makes a great work outfit.

Fashion designers in 2019 recommended to stay away from the traditional neutral colours of suits like black or grey and rather to go for neon or pastel colours.

Here are our suggestions of favorite suits that you would choose from.

Plaid suit

A light grey plaid suit with off-white linen shirt or blouse is an excellent choice especially if you are attending a meeting.

Printed Suit

For afternoon or evening business dinner, the printed suits make the balance of an evening outfit and at the same time a formal costume especially with a silk blouse of dark colour.

Striped Suit

Another excellent preference for you, with the thin stripes and a blouse with the same colour of one of these stripes would make a perfect costume for business interviews.

Neon or Pastel Suit

Models in fashion shows came with neon colour suits like green, electric blue or lime-yellow. Also monochrome pastel colours are recommended if you are not a fan of bright or neon colours.

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