How to Use Grey in Home Décor

By: Samar Yahya

Grey is almost like a colourless colour. To some of us Gray might sound like the most boring colour for home décor, however if it is used in the right way, it can be the most chic, attractive and cozy colour. Some say that “Grey is the new beige” as it goes flawlessly with bold colours.

But before you switch everything in your home to reflect grey, it is important to know Interior designers’ advices.


If you choose to paint the wall in grey, the furniture should be in bright bold colours to avoid any boredom. Grey can play a variety of supporting roles with many vibrant colors.

Consider the Tone

Be careful as not all grays are alike and it is best to use one or two tones of the grey colour for furniture.

Think about Lighting

When you decide to paint a room or decorate with gray, consider the kind of lighting the room gets. A sunny room may look best with a strong warm gray.

No Pink Tones

If your home décor style is classical, it is important to pick grey paint that does not have any pink or purple undertones, as they do not work well as neutrals.

Choose Blues

When selecting gray wall paint, pick colours with warm or blue undertones, for a light fresh look or cool undertones.

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