Karl Lagerfeld’s Last Collection

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Shown at Paris Fashion Week at Snowy Ambiance

By: Samar Yahya

Chanel runway in Paris fashion week showcased last collection of the late fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld (who passed away in February).

Karl Lagerfeld had a matchless creativity and astonishing contribution to the fashion world.

Penélope Cruz and other famous models honored Karl, modeling his designs on the runway and spotting Chanel’s runway as a significant show with Karl Lagerfeld’s last collection.

On snowy town ambiance of Chanel’s runway, models walked through the snow in big snow boots wearing complex sweater designs and a variety of styles and colors.

Colours varied from bright fuchsia and pink to snowy white and classic black and grey.

Accessories were fur handbags, embroidered neck scarves, long layered necklaces and big heart-shaped earrings.

Long menswear inspired tweed trousers and coats, waistcoats in bold black and white checks and chunky knit jumpers in grey scale. A series of feathery white dresses closed the show

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