Jacquemus’ Micro Bag , the Biggest at Paris Fashion Week

By: Samar Yahya

The famous French brand Jacquemus’ tiny or micro bag was the smallest yet the biggest and most remarkable thing at Paris Fashion Week.

For the first time in a fashion show a very tiny accessory was so exciting and received great response everywhere in the world.

The idea of the teeny tiny initially was sent out as an invitation to the brand’s 2019 autumn and winter presentation, and then it came as part of Jacquemus’ collection.

Smaller than a credit card, the two-inch bag is the latest version of Mini Le Chiquito bags. Models at the Fashion show went carrying the two-inch bag hanging from their fingers, which you would miss

Micro-bags were shown in different colours mainly, white, bright red, orange and dark green and featured a tiny golden ‘J’ replacing Jacquemus’ that most probably would not fit

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