Dine-in Kitchen Ideas

By: Samar Yahya

Formal dining rooms are a nice addition to our home, but it is in the kitchen where almost every family prefers to dine, daily. Actually, some families feel it more comfortable and convenient to dine in the kitchen.

Here are some dining-in kitchen options:

Colourful Corner

Create a colourful dining corner using quartz-topped table surrounded by chairs and a freestanding banquette to offer more seating in a small space. Do not ignore the colour harmouny between the dine-in corner and the rest of the kitchen.

By The Window

If you have a smaller space in your kitchen, a window seat is the perfect solution to add extra seating. Use a variety of textiles and patterns when sticking to a single color palette.

Cheery Banquette

A cheery L-shaped built-in bench dining area attains the cozy look for the dining area. You can use a metal table with armchairs and a sparkly chandelier above.

Open Kitchen

If you have an open kitchen, save the space by creating the best ambiance and open the dining room to the kitchen to create a cohesive space for a social gathering with family and friends while preparing meals.

Neat Nook

Create a built-in booth for a tight, small space. Cover the benches with vinyl upholstery so they are easy to clean. You can also use the space under the seat for storage purposes.

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