Do you see colours of nature as they really are!

Translation: Samar Yahya

Do you see the yellow colour? Are you sure this colour is green?! If you cannot see the colours correctly, I’m afraid you’re colour blind!

What is colour blindness?

It is a defect in the dye in the cones, which causes eye deficiency to see specific colours; mainly yellow, green, blue and red. In rare cases there is no dye in the cones and therefore the eye does not see colours at all, this is known as ‘full colour blindness’.

Causes of Colour Blindness

1. Inheritance: the deficiency of one of the three types of cone cells, or defect in how they work; which reflects on seeing one of the three basic colours; or seeing different degrees of colour itself; or seeing a completely different colour.

2 – Age: eye problems would occur due to aging, like cataract and macular degeneration and other diseases that cause colour blindness.

3 – Eye injury

4 – Intake of particular medications

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