Cozy Comfort Corner at Home

By: Samar Yahya

With the speedy pace of our contemporary lifestyle, sometimes we need a moment to relax and manage our stress. Comfort corner is that spot at home where you prefer to sit, relax, read listen to music or so.

It would be a chair or sofa that you like or you can create a comfort corner at home where you can sit for a while to relax, think or have a cup of coffee in a quiet, soothing, comfy atmosphere.

This comfort corner will vary from one to another according to one’s needs.

Steps to Create a Comfort Corner at Home:

* Choose the place; it might be at the living room, bedroom or even dining room.

* Decide the furniture and tools you would like to have.

* Choose the colour of your comfort chair, sofa or shezlong.

* Choose the carpet or rug.

* You may scatter some cushions on the floor for ultimate comfort.

* This comfort corner is the best place for reading, make sure to add some books and read at least few pages every time you are at the comfort corner.

* If you are a coffee lover, put a small coffee maker.

* Music player would be added to your way of relaxation, so prepare your headphones.

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