Simple Steps to Apply Makeup for Big Eyes

By: Samar Yahya

One of the beauty signs of a woman or a girl are the big eyes, if you do the right eye makeup on such eyes it can make a lot of difference to your whole appearance.

Makeup Tips for Big Eyes:

– First, smooth on a thin layer of primer before doing anything else

– Apply a neutral eye shadow like light brown to the eyelids extending slightly to the outer corner of the eye.

– Highlight the outer corner, that will help to open up the eyes and can make them seem even bigger.

– Apply a darker colour like dark brown towards the inner corner of the eyes and fade it towards to the outer corner.

– Highlight using a light colour below the brow bone, in the center and blend it with the crease color.

– Line your eyes, by taking a very dark color, tap it to the inner corner of the eye, and extend it to the middle.

– Apply a coat or two of mascara that would give your eye lashes a boost of volume and length to have the look that everyone favours.

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