Bracelet Charms for Trendy Appearance

By: Samar Yahya

Accessories are as important as costumes an completes the appearance. Accessories fashion is no less than any other fashion. It is changeable and being updated every season. Bracelets are one of the accessories that every girl knows from very young age.

What is new about bracelets is that you can start collecting yours piece by piece. We see that some international brands known for their dear and sole accessories created a trend where you can buy basic chain or bangle bracelet and you add as many charms as you like.

They have a collection of charms characters where they add new characters all the time. ROB BOT, Bella Bot and Unicorn one of these charms that most girls are fond of. You can create a particular theme for your bracelet with charms, such as marine, unicorn, hearts…etc

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