Rowing For Health and Pleasure

Translation: Samar Yahya

People have known rowing since old ages, when the first ever boat went into water. Rowing is an individual and group sport at the same time, practised by men and women. It has diverse goals and requires not only physical strength but also cooperation accuracy in work.

Britain is one of the first countries to have official races of rowing, when the English actor and clown Thomas Dokken staged the first rowing race at the Thames River in 1715-1716, which was attended by thousands of spectators.

Benefits of Rowing

– The entire body moves during rowing.

– Strengthens the heart muscles and boosts its beats rate.

– Promotes the respiratory system.

– To stabilize the body during the movement, rowing helps the basic muscles of the body to work.

– The rowing equipment helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and to burn calories efficiently.

– Supports the spine and back muscles.

– Helps get rid of the accumulated abdominal and waist fats, and strengthens the upper and lower abdominal muscles.

– Helps eliminate fats of chest, shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs and thighs.

– Effective in burning excess calories.

– Rowing exercises promote balancing the work between the upper and lower body

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