Chain Belts for Elegant Classy Look

By: Samar Yahya

Chain belts that were very fashionable in the 90s as a symbol of luxury and an addition to the plain outfit by adding colour and elegance are now back to fashion.

So, if you have not yet tried wearing chain belt before, you may think of it as a new item of accessory that would change the look of your plain outfit. Wearing chain belts over tops and dresses gives a harmony between the style and color.

Here are few rules on how to style the chain belt:

– When buying a chain belt choose the one with excellent quality and may be of a known brand.

* A gold chain belt is really good at making your outfit look classy.

* It is advised to wear chain belt on plain and dark coloured dress, blouse or top.

* Choose a style that fits you. If you are long-waisted women, so wear overly designed extensive belts, while if you are short-waisted women choose a narrower or plain chain belt.

* Think about contrast, the silver and bronze chain belts are perfect for waistlines that are not that defined, while the gold chain belt always draws attention to the waistline.

* Match your outfit with the chain belt. If your style is classic, choose the simple chain belt. If you are trendy, casual and stylish the bold chain belt will go perfectly with light coloured jeans.

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