Beauty Expert Jilan Ahmad: 7 Steps to Prevent Skin Damage Caused by Makeup

By: Samar Yahya

Beauty expert Jilan Ahmad tipped off the negative effect of cosmetics on the skin, even if these cosmetics are medical or natural products.

To prevent skin damage caused by makeup:

1 – Choose the types of makeup suitable for your skin, use known brands and avoid cheap products, which do not have manufacture and expiry dates.

2 – Avoid sharing makeup tools with your friends, relatives or even sisters to prevent the transfer of infectious diseases.

3 – Make sure to use the sun block cream before makeup, because it protects your skin from harmful sunrays, and prevents makeup interaction with the sun and thus damage of your skin.

4 – Clean your face and eyelids well before makeup to reduce any allergic symptoms of it.

5 – Once you get home, remove makeup using remover and not water. 6 – Make sure to close makeup products, such as mascara or lipstick after use, to prevent unpleasant external interaction. 7 – Throw away any expired makeup even if not used; your health is more valuable than makeup.

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