Buckthorn… Health Benefits from Nature

Translation: Samar Yahya

Buckthorn or as called in Arabic (Sedr), is grown as desert shrubs with thick leaves. Buckthorn grows in mountainous areas and on the rivers’ banks, it is widely spread in the Mediterranean region.

Known thousands of years ago, Buckthorn is originated in The Arabian Peninsula and the Levant, it is also cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions.

Benefits and Usage

The buckthorn fruits have sweet taste and are rich in nutrition, they are one of the top fruits that are also used in folk medicine:

– Useful in chest diseases and blood purification.

– With its necessary nutrients and sugar, it is very healthy for pregnant women.

– The leaves are used in the treatment of scabies and pimples.

– The soaked leaves are useful in joint pains, sore mouth and gums.

– The dried leaves powder lotion is beneficial for the hair and is anti- dandruff.

– Bees feed on the Buckthorn flowers, produce Buckthorn honey; one of the most expensive honey types with high nutritional value.

– Boiled leaves help in cases of intestinal worms.

– The paste of grounded leaves is used in bone fracture and skin cleansing.

– Helps prevent diarrhea and expel sputum.

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