7 steps to healthy home with feng shui

By: Samar Yahya

Feng Shui or the ancient Chinese method of creating a harmonious environment that dates back 5000 years is now known almost everywhere. Feng Shui is translated into English as “wind and water”.

Feng Shui promotes general well being by examining how energy flows through particular room, house or even building.

Here are simple ideas to Feng Shui your home:

* Clear the way to your front door and open it to allow positive energy into your home.

* Keep your house clear of clutter, if there is a clutter somewhere at your home, even if it is tucked away, it clutters our head and body.

* Flood your home with natural light and plants; researches show that viewing nature reduces anger and anxiety.

* Use mirrors as they reflect energy, so make sure that mirrors reflect something beautiful.

* Make your bedroom restful. Use high quality fabrics and fluffy pillows to promote relaxation, balance and peace.

* Bright light would revive energy. So make sure to light the hallways with good light.

* Seek Balance; always make sure to have the five elements of wood, earth, metal, fire and water in every room, which will make you stay, centered and balanced in your life.

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