5 Fashionable Hair Accessories

By: Samar Yahya

Designers and hair stylists always work together to come up with a whole look. Having lots of flower accessories, hair scarves, ribbons, big hair laces and sporty headbands, mark spring/summer 2019 hair accessories.


Spring always recalls the blooms of flowers to spread cheer and fragrance. Flower hair decorations are there in pink and red roses of varying sizes.

Hair Scarves

They are used in all kinds of costumes especially with casual look. The hair scarves are colourfully printed and wrapped as turban style, or threaded through thick braids.


Ribbons are always lovely and add a girlishness look. This time we could see black ribbon to tie off high ponytails. Also small ribbons are used to tie hair back loosely for a half ponytail as a morning look.

Sporty Headbands

For athletes and women who are keen on a sportive lifestyle, the sporty headbands are perfect for keeping hair out of the face while exercising.

Hair Lace

It gives a romantic look, yet stylish. It would come in many designs and styles. The fabrics also would add to the hair lace glamour and would be shaped in diverse styles to complete the appearance.

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