Be a star with blue eyeshadows

By: Samar Yahya

Blue eyeshadow that was once the look for every icon and celebrity in the 80s is officially back to fashion nowadays. Blue eyeshadow is the hottest way to update your look.

We can see celebrities bringing back the blue eyeshadow in deeper, more modern shades and shapes. Global celebrities such as Emma Stone and Alison Brie are also seen with different shades on blue eyeshadow in diverse occasions.

According to celebrity makeup artist Nick Barose more colorful, and decorative makeup like blue shadow is coming back in a big way.


Ideas for blue Eyeshadow:

* A wash of two-tone sky blue eyeshadow would be very nice for afternoon outings.

* You can also go for heavy sky blue eyeliner that would give any outfit a 60s twist.

* A peacock blue with a sequin dress for a perfect party look.

* A pastel blue eyeshadow with a light blue dress or shirt, for work or morning outings.

* Pale turquoise eyeshadow would perfectly match a white blouse with dark turquoise jacket

Blue Eyeshadow_03
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