Metallic Fashion for a Bright Look

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By: Samar Yahya

Metallic trend this winter is a must-have for every lady who wants to have a bright look. The metallic styles come in different looks such as 1970’s look.

Global fashion houses have many ways how to make the glittering and shiny metallic look great.

The metallic look is not only for clothing but in makeup, you can go for shiny cheeks, eye shadow and nail polish. Also, you can try metallic shoes with a shiny top, dress, skirt, cropped pants or even a shiny coat.

For everyday look and if you like skirts there are a lot of choices; you can try a high-waisted skirt and pair it with white shirt. Another suggestion would be a plissé or A-line glossy skirt teamed with your everyday basics.

For college girls, they can have a metallic bomber jacket with metallic sports shoes for a casual yet elegant look.

For evening outings a metallic dress with V-neck paired with black necklace is perfect for parties, friends’ gatherings and even weddings. Or a metallic long skirt of silver or golden colour with black silk blouse; are for another look of glamour.

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