Mandi Maintains the Secret of its Flavour

Translation: Samar Yahya

Whenever you mention Mandi before anyone, he would feel hungry, even though he might be full. Mandi; the dish of Yemeni origins retains the secret of taste and the ability to dissolve all the barriers of diet; to give its fans excess pleasure and fats! In the following lines, we try to find out the secret of the popular Mandi.

The core of Mandi leans on cooking meat over fire wile sprinkling fats on it and on rice as well. The process begins by igniting firewood inside the barrel (tannour), then putting meat inside wrapped in foil paper or in a metal basket, close the barrel and add

sand or soil over the cover as a seal to the barrel, which prevents the air to go in and extinguishing fire where the extreme heat remains for cooking meat.

Meat is placed on circular iron skewers called “mashkhle”, to match the cylindrical shape of the oven (tannour) that is a deep hole of nearly 2 meters, to be cooked and get its delicious distinctive taste, as well as to eliminate most of the fats, making it healthy. Cooking in tannour needs a great skill and professionalism to take care of the meat that is placed about 10 cm over the coal, and takes about 3 hours to cook, then served.

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