Go in Style with Mom Jeans

Translation: Samar Yahya

Mom Jeans that was originally fashionable in late 1980s and early 1990s is back in style and into the clothing lines. Fashion icons in different countries have been spotted wearing it.

The best part about Mom Jeans that it goes with every one, no matter what size you are; it goes with curvy, petite, skinny, tall or short bodies.

Here are some ideas on how to style Mom Jeans in winter:

* Ripped skinny Mom Jeans, shirt and a woolen cardigan.

* White wash jeans with a blazer

* Mom Jeans with black turtle neck T-shirt and blazer

* With neutral coat and coloured pullover

* With camel coat, pink sweater and wool shawl

* Mom Jeans goes perfect with leather jacket and plaid shirt.

* Never forget hoodies and turtleneck T-shirts with Mom Jeans in winters.

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