Simple Ideas for Organized Home

By: Samar Yahya

Everyone seeks an organized home; most of us work hard to have their homes organized at all times.

Here are some simple ideas that would make you home super organized:

Accessories Board

Use a coloured board that matches your bedroom theme to attach necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings each in a separate hook. It would be useful in many ways; to organize your room, add to its decoration and to eliminate tangles and the mess of necklaces.


Use small boxes and label them in the messy drawer and it will turn into a nice easy and accessible one that you will find all your things in an easy way.

Documents and Papers

Use coloured files to separate the documents and important papers and label the files. Finding a document would need just a look to the label.


Make use of the small areas and store your things in a vertical way. Also hang pots and pans outside the cabinet or on an unused

wall using hooks hanging the biggest items first, then the medium-sized and finish with the smallest.

Hair Station

Use adhesive or magnetic strip to affix small pins on the inner side of a cabinet door and create a home for hairbrushes and hair dryer.

Sports and Exercise Tools

Hang resistance bands to the wall using a bar and hooks. Also football balls and basketballs and other sports tools would be stored next to the wall with bungee cords.


They are the best way to organize different rooms and to add more beauty to your home. Use different sizes and colours of shelves to store and organize kids’ room, bathroom, living room and kitchen

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