Pasta beloved by everyone

Translation: Samar Yahya

Pasta remains the easiest meal that combines lightness and delight.

Valuable Information about Pasta:

– Pasta was mentioned in the manuscript of Jerusalem in the fifth century BC.

– Italy is one of the most famous countries for producing and cooking Pasta; Rome is named ‘The Capital of Pasta’.

– There are some 350 shapes of pasta such as spaghetti, lasagna, and fettuccine.

Fusilli Pasta with Pesto Sauce


1 – Add spinach, basil, pine and olive oil in the blender and mix well until they become somehow crunchy paste.

2 – Melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat, add onion and garlic and stir until the onions become soft.

3- Add water and chicken broth to boil over low heat for 5 minutes until onion and garlic dissolve in the sauce.

4- Add the cooking cream and Parmesan cheese to boil until cheese melts and the sauce becomes soft and thick.

6- Remove from heat and add to Pesto sauce.

6 – Cook the pasta in boiling water, then drain.

7 – Add the sauce and peas on the pasta and stir gently.

8 – Simmer over low heat for 5 minutes until the peas become soft.

9- Serve hot on a large plate.

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