Face yoga replaces filler and botox

Translation: Samar Yahya
Facial exercises or ‘Face Yoga’ are some of the most important exercises that women need in particular, to get rid of signs of aging and wrinkles. It is a good alternative to Botox and Filler injections.
The Benefits of Face Yoga
– Activating of blood circulation and getting rid of skin toxins.
– Strengthen face and neck muscles and give them the bright unified skin color.
Tips for Exciting Results.
– Healthy food, plenty of water and juice.
– Sleep early and wake up early.
– Avoid strict reactions such as holding eyebrows, clenching teeth, and biting lips.
Exercises: 3 times per exercise
– Spread your tongue to the maximum with your eyes open widely for a minute.
– Fill your cheeks with air and then move air from one cheek to another until the air is all out.
– Make fish mouth and try to smile.
– Hold your mouth in the form of (O) letter, and rub your cheek with your index finger starting from sides of the nose and straight up slightly towards the ears.
– Use index finger to tighten outer angles of the eyes winking by the lower eyelids, rest your eyes and return index fingers to the previous position, look at all directions; right, bottom and left.
– Widen your eyes with an astonishing look focusing on a specific point for 5 seconds.
– Pull up your forehead by the three middle fingers of each hand and move the eyebrows up and down 3 times a day, 10 movements each time.
– Lips exercise: Sit straight on a chair and keep your mouth closed while your teeth are touching each other, then smile while your mouth is closed as much as possible. Exercise for 5 seconds.

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