4 Trendy Men’s Accessories

By: Samar Yahya

Years ago, men’s fashion has not been highlighted as women’s, however with the new trends men nowadays have their seasonal fashion shows similar as women’s.

Fashion does not mean only costume but to complete men’s look, accessories are always available.

Some of the accessories that would complement the man’s look are:


Cufflinks might vary in shape from square to triangle, rectangle or a circle shape. The material would be metal with leather, glass stones or gem. They would match Thobe or suit and all come to add more elegance to the men’s look.

The Wallet

Though a wallet stays in man’s pockets all the time and would be used once or twice a day, yet it is a significant piece of accessory that would reflect the man’s style.

The Watch

An accessory that is typical of a man’s fashion. The wide varieties of watches’ styles make it easier for a man to choose the watch that matches his clothing. The casual watch would

go with a casual or smart casual look of a man, while other classical styles would match formal executives.


With the style of life and type of work, most men spend quite a good time moving from one place to another to for business meetings and to complete their work. Sunglasses are a necessity for everyone. The lenses and frame would be chosen to match up the man’s classiness.

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