The Significance of Pull-Up Bar Exercises

Translation: Samar Yahya

Pull-up bar exercises are of the most important and popular exercises that maintain health and fitness, yet very difficult as they mainly lean on the body weight.

Many people avoid pull-up bar exercises due to their difficulty, however people do not know their great benefits.

Benefits of pull-up bar exercises are:

* Enhance the external appearance, reshape the body and increase its flexibility.

* Develop muscular and nervous fitness and endurance of the body.

* Build shoulder, back and arms’ muscles effectively.

* Strengthen fist and arms, which improve the performance of the body in other exercises.

* Protect against symptoms of aging, such as wrinkles.

* Contribute to the burning of calories, thus protect against obesity and fat accumulation, especially in the abdomen and buttocks.

* Save money, as these exercises do not require expensive tools, but depend on the performance.

* Increases self-confidence and body strength, by attaching weights to feet and waist.

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