Luddo Present at all Makkawis’ Celebrations

Translation: Samar Yahya

A proverb says “Are you up to Luddo” reflects how this yellow Indian dessert is celebrated. Saudis knew it from Indians who came to live in Makkah and be close to The Holy Mosque (Kaaba). From there, Luddo spread in Makkawis’ celebrations in particular and Saudis’ in general.

It is a main dessert when celebrating the seventh day of a newborn baby, also presented by groom’s family to bride’s family covered with lace cloth embroidered with golden threads.

The word Luddo originally comes from Sanskrit word “Ludka” or “Lutka” which means the small ball.

It is made of chickpeas flour, sugar and other flavors, cooked with ghee and formed as a ball. Some of the Luddo recipes in India come with Ayurvedic ingredients of traditional Indian medicine, such as Luddo with fenugreek and Luddo with multi-grain. The Luddo flour is rough whole-wheat flour used also in some other Indian dishes.

Luddo Ingredients.

– Flour

– Powder milk

– Oil

– Saffron

– Baking Powder

– Almonds for decoration

– Syrup


Mix the dry ingredients, add oil and water and form the dough as balls, fry till golden brown, leave it to cool then dip into syrup, take it out and garnish with almonds and serve.

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