Foundation Tips for Dry Winter Skin

Translation: Samar Yahya

Many face cracking of foundation cream though they use the same one, and all of a sudden find out that it is no longer matching their skin, especially in winter. Make-up artist Samira Mohammad advises us in the following tips:

• First, make sure that the foundation cream is not expired.

• Second, detect any changes in your skin for any health or psychological causes, so you may need to change some make-up products.

• Thirdly, skin tends to dryness, so it is very important to drink enough water.

• Use moisturizing cream of water and oils and leave it for 15-30 minutes before the foundation cream.

• Mix a drop of any skin-based oil with liquid foundation, and two drops of oil with stick-foundation.

• For very dry skin it is best to rub oil on the skin after the moisturizing cream and before the foundation cream.


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