Decorate Your Home with Smart Phone Photos

By: Samar Yahya

Trying to decorate your home! And you think of new ideas that are easy and will add uniqueness to your home décor? One of the tricks to amp your décor and a new and trendy idea is to change the whole décor simply with smart phone photos.


The foyer reflects the whole atmosphere of the house. Make it pleasant with a collection of small photos from your smart phone. Choose bright coloured and vivid photos to add more brightness to the foyer.

Living Room

For you living room print out photos Jof greenery and landscape, frame them with wooden frames that match the colours of the room. You can also prefer to have family photos where grandparents, parents and children are all there.

Kids’ Room

What is better than printing out your kids photos of different occasions, during holidays, birthdays, weddings of relatives and friend and hang them to the walls of their room.


Search your smart phone gallery for floral photos that you took earlier when you were out with the family or spending a holiday.

Choose different colourfol floral photos and print them, hang them in nice arrangements over the headboard or in front of it.

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