Best Fabrics for Winter Abaya

Translation: Samar Yahya

Abaya is essential for women in the Gulf region and Arab world. Abaya Designer, Ola Zeid is keen to design Abaya with high quality fabric and to match the seasons in terms of materials. For winter the recommended fabrics are wool, cashmere, chamois, velvet and crochet.

Wool: A natural fiber extracted from sheepskin, which is weaved to yarns, then dyed and used in fabrics.

Cashmere: A type of wool from Kashmir goats that is thin, strong and soft feel.

Chamois: Taken from chamois antelope that is located in Europe, this fabric is known by providing warmth but is so delicate and needs special care.

Velvet: Made of silk, cotton or synthetic fibers and is known for its short and thick fluff.

Crochet: A hand-woven fabric made with yarn of cotton, wool or silk.

All these materials are typical for winter Abaya. Wool, cashmere wool and crochet are best for the day and workingwomen.

Other options would be double-face wool fabrics, crochet which would be used as a full Abaya or for decoration of sleeves with nice knitting. Chamois and velvet are luxurious preferred for night occasions, especially if they are hand-embroidered with lace.

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