Visiting Germany, Never Miss These Dishes!

Translation: Samar Yahya

Our journey today is special; we will take you to the German cuisine and introduce the most famous German dishes, but first here are some tips on German cuisine:

• Meat is served in a lot of German meals.

• German bread has diverse varieties, some are hard and others soft.

• Gateaux has many assortments, such as apples, cherries, berries, carrots and cheese.

French Fries:

Despite being popular worldwide, the Germans consider it as one of the most important dishes; deep-frying with plenty of onions and beef makes it.


One of the most famous vegetarian dishes in Germany especially in Swabia region of Baden; it is a kind of soft egg noodle made of eggs, flour and salt. It is served as a side dish with meat and melting Limburger cheese on top.


Originated in Swabia region of Baden- Württemberg, The outer layer of pasta dough encloses traditionally beef or vegetables and served fried or grilled.


Its origins go back to the city of Nuremberg, a traditional dessert for Muslims in Germany, especially during holidays. It is made of vanilla, almonds, hazelnuts, honey and eggs, as well as ginger and cloves.

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