Valuable Clothing for Winter

Translation: Samar Yahya

Winter clothing enables us with diverse variety and wide choice of beautiful designs for different looks.

Fashion houses showcased selections of basic clothing that we all must have for winter.

Here, appearance expert Rana Al Ahmadi gives us a clear idea about them:

Sweater is one of the basics that should be in your closet for winter. You can match it in many ways; with jeans or a leather skirt. You can also combine several colors for a new look.

Animal inspired paintings and designs, fabrics with leopard skin, and zebra lines, are vivid. If you are shy, it is enough to add a shirt, skirt or shoes to cope with fashion.

Waist bag is one of the styles that you can wear on the waist as a belt or on the chest.

Tight boots continue from autumn season to the coming winter season.

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