Pearls the Everlasting Accessories

By: Samar Yahya

Pearls are valuable jewellery that you can wear at different occasions and all times.

Pearls are seen now in everything from traditional use of earrings, necklace, layered necklace and rings, to hair accessories, bags and even shoes,

Pearls bring light to the face and always look great with any outfit, casual, smart casual, traditional or formal work outfits. Pearls are the non-fading fashion.

Layered Necklace

It is best for night parties and weddings. They go well with all colours of dresses and perfect with satin and chiffon fabrics.

Bag strips

Fashion houses like Chanel used pearls in the strip of the mini bag to add a new look to the global design.


The classical pear earrings are always there, add to them the contemporary style of celebrities. Also, pearl earrings are an elegant matching with tailleur for formal business meetings.

Hair Accessories

Pear hair accessories are bridal. They are always suitable for bride and bride maids at weddings and engagement parties. Also, do not forget the angelic look a pear hair accessory adds to young girls.

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