Recycling Ideas for Old Jeans

By: Samar Yahya

If you are interested in art craft, the fantastic fabric of denim Jeans will give you wonderful opportunities to reuse and recycle to come up with new ideas to make more items and accessories.

Everyone of us has many old denim jeans that might be out of fashion or over used, do not throw them away to just get rid of them, they can be recycled into bags, skirts, shorts, bracelets and many more items.


Wear a nice trendy skirt recycled from your old denim jeans. It is very simple, straightforward design for turning an old pair of jeans into a skirt.

Denim Bracelets

Denim bracelets are very easy to make from old jeans, with beads, lace, and fabric that will add to the teenager and youth trendy casual look.

Denim Shorts 

What is easier than cutting your old denim into shorts and enjoy them at home at the hot summer time.

You can also have some more items:

Lunch Bag

Make your own lunch bag for your home made healthy lunch sandwiches or snacks out of a pair of your old jeans.

Gym Bags

Duffle bags are awesome for everything, and they have incredible look. Denim is a great material for a bag like this. It is nice and sturdy and can hold up to a lot of weight and use.

Pencil Case

If you are a jeans girl and you like to have jeans in your accessories, turn old denim jeans into a pencil case that will hold your stationery at home and college.

Hanging Organizer 

It is another awesome idea where you can have different pockets in coulours and sizes and turn them into handy storage pockets

Coffee Sleeve

What do you think if you make your own personalized coffee sleeve, you can also make for your husband, adult children and friends using old jeans and adding initials for everyone of the family.

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