Makeup Colours for 2018 Fall


Translation: Samar Yahya

Fashionable colours differ from one season to another. This fall, makeup colours are diversified yet beautiful giving you the chance to choose what matches your skin colour.

• On top of all colours, comes blue with its different shades, you can choose the degree that suits you and may add some brown colour to it.

• Maroon is one of the dominating colours, do not beware it. Use maroon as eye shadow and lipstick, it is suitable for our skin.

• Dark purple, be careful while using it. Try to choose a degree that suits you and avoid using purple eye shadow and lipstick at a time.

• Finally, every year’s fall colours; browns with red shades and varying degrees of dusty to orange brown and warm brown. You can use these colours with no doubt; they go beautifully consistent with the skin even with generous amounts.

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