Uncommon Gifts for Friends

By: Samar Yahya

Every now and then we need to choose a gift for our friends or relatives for different occasions. Every time it takes us quite a while to think about what gift to choose as we always look for uncommon gifts.

Today we will give you some ideas for non-traditional gifts for friends.

-Silver Bracelet with Name

To present your friend with silver bracelet is somehow common, but when you get her a personalized bracelet with her name, that would show your care about her.

-Box with Photos

Buy or even make a wooden chic box and print on it different photos of you together or with group friends. The box could be used to keep presents or makeup later.

-Personalized Mugs

Buy a set of mugs and print name of your friend and if you like you can print also names of the other close friends. This set will be used when you all have gatherings together.

-Indoor Plants

If you know that your friend is fond of indoor plants. Choose plants that are durable and colourful and buy her one or two pots that she can keep at her room.

-Temporary Henna tattoos

The flash henna tattoos with white, gold or black colours are perfect and trendy addition as a gift that would be useful at different occasions.

-Personalized Floral Clutch

A floral clutch is so vivid as a gift, but what if you add your friend’s first initials on it, it will turn it into a unique gift for special occasions.

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