Saudi Arabian Cuisine

Translation: Samar Yahya

Every year on 23rd September Saudis celebrate the Saudi National Day; the most important event to them. On this occasion, the Saudi cuisine is famous for many traditional dishes from Hijaz to Najd to the southern region.

Despite the development and the modern lifestyle, yet traditional Saudi dishes still run from one generation to another.

Hijaz Region:

Hejaz is a region that receives people from all Arab and Islamic countries, so their food is also a combination of different cuisines.

Saleeq: Is one of the most famous dishes. It is made by boiling rice with milk in a lamb or chicken stock, with added ghee and some people might add cream. It is served during large events, and social gatherings.

Biryani: It is made from chicken or lamb cooked with yogurt, tomatoes and assorted spices and it is very popular in Makkah, Jeddah and Medinah.

Bukhari Dishes: Farmouza Shish Barak, Manto and Bukhari rice. Originated in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan and came with people who migrated to

the kingdom nearly 70 years ago. These dishes spread from Hijaz region throughout the Kingdom.

Bread with Meat: One of the famous Hijazi dishes made of dough and minced meat and is similar to Safiha, and Borik in other Arab countries, yet reserving the authentic Hijazi flavour.

Najd Region:

Kabsa: Kabsa is very popular and is the main meal in Saudi Arabia. Kabsa is basically made from long-grain rice, which is served in the Gulf countries, cooked with lamb, goat or chicken, with added ghee and nuts.

Qursan: Is the favourite dish in Najd and Qassim regions. It is a thin but wide round loaf of bread with vegetables and lamb and would be eaten at lunch or dinner.

Mufatah: It is always served during banquets and weddings and is a main course that is served with Laban, and hot sauce. It is cooked in large pots that can accommodate a whole lamb and into large ovens.

Mataziz or Qbabeet: It is dough made from whole wheat, salt and water where lamb and vegetables are cooked in it.

Fish Majbous: One of the popular dishes throughout the Kingdom, and has a distinguished taste out of mixing the rice with fish and spices such as cinnamon, saffron and black pepper.

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