Creative Ideas For Our Children Study Space

By: Samar Yahya

Having a comfortable study space for children at home is very vital, however we do not have to dedicate a whole room for our children study space. We choose a spot in their room, which we can make it perfect spot for studying with some creativity and innovation.

For mums and dads, here are some suggestions for study spaces at home for your children.


Good lighting is one of the main aspects for the study space. Make sure to let your child study in good lighting area so he would not feel bored or lazy.

Built-in Wall Study

A Built-in wall study is suitable for tiny spaces and can accommodate more than one child.


No matter how old your child is, he would love to have accessories for the study space. Some of the practical and necessary accessories are desk accessories for pens, pencils crayons and all other tools, a calendar and many other things.

Make it Inspiring

For elder children notes board with famous quotes, photos of innovations and well-known scientific inventions that would be inspiring.

Personalize it

Even when the space is not very large, dedicate a special space for each child, let him choose the colours of his desk, chair and the wall. Make your child design it with you and he may plant a seed in a pot, so he would be attached to this space.

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